During high school, Chef Brinson joined a two-year culinary program that introduced him to the art of cooking.  In 2001 he was accepted to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, New York.  Following the CIA, Chef Brinson's thirst for knowledge of different cultures and cuisines took him to the Virgin Islands, where he worked and traveled in search of new flavors. 
In 2006, in pursuit of culinary perfection, Chef Brinson enrolled in a rigorous three-year apprenticeship program under several Master Chefs at the legendary Greenbrier Resort, in West Virginia.  One of his ultimate accomplishments while at The Greenbrier was managing the resort's 44-acre farm production kitchen.  He 
worked hand in hand with the farmer in organizing, marketing, and distributing the produce; supplying the 750-room resort with 75 percent of its produce.  He also established a farmers market which made the produce available to the local community.  In 2009, Chef Brinson opened Infusion, an Asian fusion concept restaurant, under the guidance of Certified Master Chef Richard Rosendale.  Chef Brinson meticulously rolled out seasonally inspired menus that fused together classical and contemporary styles and preparations.

After six years at The Greenbrier, Chef Brinson was ready for new and exciting challenges, which brought him to the island of Kaua'i.
In February 2012, Chef Brinson joined the St. Regis Princeville culinary team as the Chef de Cuisine of the Makana Terrace. It was there that he embraced Pacific Rim cuisine, by allowing the fresh ingredients from the beautiful island to inspire him.  In 2014 Chef Brinson, took on the task of re-
concepting Makana Terrace to an upscale seafood restaurant, taking Makana Terrace to being one of the top five restaurants on the North Shore.
After completing his goals in Kauai, Chef Brinson decided to embark on a new challenge in Palm Springs, California where he oversaw the banqueting department at the Westin Mission Hills.  Here, it was the local produce and amazing terroir of California that influenced him to re-create the resort's banquet menu repertoire.  Continuing his journey through California, he then moved to San Francisco, working with Bay Clubs as Executive Chef. While there, he took over the culinary program at the flagship resort and was later asked to step in as F&B Director organizing and restructuring the entire food and beverage program.   

Traveling northern and southern California marked another milestone for Chef Brinson.  Feeling disconnected from the four seasons of the year, he welcomed a new opportunity back in Virginia. Chef Brinson accepted the position as Executive Chef and opened Common House, a private club in downtown Charlottesville.  This project allowed him to re-connect with the seasonality of farm to table concept, embracing the local farms and community.  This journey has also allowed him to explore other interests such as mentoring, teaching, and coaching young adults. He has been able to rediscover his passion for helping people through cooking.  Currently, Chef Brinson is working with organizations within the community to create programs to help young adults find direction in life through culinary arts. 


My Journey